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Friday, October 20th, 2017
11:51 pm
Given the stuff in the media lately and dubious conspiracy theory based articles. I would have expected at least one or two calls from media by now pretending to be customers to fish for info for their articles. But have not have any. This seems unexpected to me. Not that I would make any comment. It is not my place to do so.
Thursday, December 8th, 2016
10:59 pm
What has happened to the "Friends feed"?
Major lack of feed, what is going on???
Saturday, May 30th, 2015
10:55 am
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10:52 am
"After Hours" at Randy Dragon
A night of live DJ’s presenting an eclectic range of music styles including dub, liquid dub, electronic, tech house, house, indietronica, down tempo, trip hop, and electro.
$10 Classic Cocktails all night
DJ Infectious Unease
DJ Infectious Unease has been presenting Infectious Unease Radio and DJing at clubs since 1992.
His DJing has ranged from specialist events starting at Asylum Nightclub, Blue Velvet (Aeon, Belfry, White Room, Revelations, and Enzyme nights since 2000), Pony (Dark Fall Ball), Dream (Demus night), Vedettes, Cas Reitops (Dirty Secrets) and most recently at Horse Bazaar (Dawn Industries Enzyme Night) ,Abode (Neo Etica) Mr Boogie Man Bar (Dawn Industries Enzyme Night) and Bodega Bar (Subterranean Zone).
DJ Infectious Unease loves to explore a plethora of sound and explode it out on the air waves and nite clubs. He has no fear of delivering a sound of surprise.
Jus Godden (DJ Sisterthing)
Justin has been DJing since the late 1990’s including Dream Night Club, Blue Velvet, Mega Bar and most recently Abode (Neo Etica), Bodega Bar (Subterranean Zone)

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014
12:07 am
I'm trying to write a sendmail routine for online contact email forms that will avoid code injection.
I've been a bit slack in the past when it comes to this sort of thing which inevitably someone eventually has a go at injecting code sooner or later. So I thought it time I did something about it.
This is my attempt, any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.
I think it may just do the job as is so far.
I know my code is not exactly elegent, but i'm an amature and it just has to do the job.

  <TITLE>Mail Sent!</TITLE>


  $to = "enquiries@emailaddress.com";
  $from = strip_tags(preg_replace("([;])", "", preg_replace("([\r\n])", "", $_POST["from"])));
  $subject = strip_tags(preg_replace("([;])", "", preg_replace("([\r\n])", "", $_POST["subject"])));
  $message = strip_tags(preg_replace("([;])", "", $_POST["message"]));
    $match = "/(bcc:|cc:|content\-type:)/i";
    if (preg_match($match, $from) ||
        preg_match($match, $subject)||
        preg_match($match, $message)) {
      die("Header injection detected.");
  $headers = "From:   ".$from."\r\n..";
  $mailsent = mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);
  if ($mailsent) {
    echo "Congrats! The following message has been sent: <BR><BR>";
    echo "<b>To:</b> $to<br>";
    echo "<b>From:</b> $from<br>";
    echo "<b>Subject:</b> $subject<br>";
    echo "<b>Message:</b><br>";
    echo $message;
  } else {
    echo "There was an error...";

  die("Direct access not allowed");
Saturday, June 7th, 2014
1:26 pm
My opinion on free to air digital TV technology
Not that anyone asked. This has been a gripe of mine for years now.
Free to air Digital TV. I have not really researched the "for and against" that much as there is not much material on arguing the "for and against" the current implementation of the technology. It's purely my own opinion.

It is currently not a step forward in free to air television technology IMHO. It could have been, but it currently is not.

It's just recreating the wheel in a ridiculous backwards way. The technology has always been there to get the quality and fancy on-screen crap already and just lacked further development. Any halfwit can envision how it could have been integrated using the existing robust technology. But somewhere along the line someone invested too much money in wanting to transmit only raw digital signals to try and make free to air TV look and act like cable TV as they saw no other way. Possibly because they could pitch it using the buzzwords and money making tactics of cable TV.

In reality digital is a theory that is simply emulated, just like time itself. It does not really exist. It uses analogue technology to creating a digital illusion and everything is built up on top of that. Humans are amazing creatures.

Over the airwaves though, digital has limited capacity when it comes to analogue environments and long distances. It can provide clarity if you can provide a good close source. The underlying analogue technology is the same, the extra digital layer of video data greatly reduces the distances reached until the stream of video is unwatchable. Just like digital is simply "On" or "Off", the digitally compressed images suffer the same "On" or "Off" theory when there is signal loss. Though if you transmit video more analogue, the signal can travel the signal further and you will get something good enough to be distinguishable at far greater distances than digital at the same power without any dropped frames.

You can stick a coat hanger into an analogue tv or a radio and manage to understand the data enough to happily watch a movie regardless of a little fuzz. Digital however is inherently not good enough to do this at the frequencies required to transmit images (HD images at that) over the airwaves across suburbs or in remote locations, it will just throw up garbage and skip frames at the slightest glitch and far more sensitive to the same flaws as analogue. Basically because in the real world, it's analogue technology used to emulate digital. Yet analogue TV is still watch-able in situations where digital is completely useless. Analogue TV is simpler at a circuit level thus be hard wired and far more robust in ability.

Transmitting digital TV via the airwaves over very long distances is pathetic IMHO. There is no reason why HDTV cannot be reproduced in analogue to achieve resolution that my old VGA monitor could still far exceed 20 years ago and the electronics would be far more reliable at making sure the signal is watch-able even with shity reception in remote places. Or with some cheap tv with a little metal stick for antenna. You could design special boxes instead that can accept analogue signal and a digital signals that would be something far more advanced than the old teletext that could display all the same info as current digital TV receivers do.

In a matter of fact, teletext did actually provide a wealth of useful information but just became outdated as the whole system was clearly too old, slow and underdeveloped. It was decades overdue for a replacement.

The switch to a more digital system could have been so much better. A more advanced hybrid system would have been far greater than the dodgy gimmick of transmitting all the digital data in the way that it currently is.

This is my own opinion. I do not even watch free to air TV at home anymore as I use internet sourced material for most of my audio visual home entertainment.
Tuesday, May 20th, 2014
11:35 am
MS Windows script kiddy challenge! (self escalating to SYSTEM user CMD with batch file)
Here is a challenge if anyone so wishes to partake.

This is a pointless but fun little exercise in making self escalating MS Windows scripts. But with as little user interaction as possible.

The idea I propose is to use only native tools to escalate up to a SYSTEM user Command Prompt (higher than Administrator) using simply a batch script.

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing new about this concept.

There were additional blocks put into place with recent security updates to render some common methods useless that could still be overcome.

It MUST use purely native script. Absolutely NO .EXE files unless they come per-installed with the operating system.

It must be native from Windows XP to Windows 8 (ie. obviously no .NET or Poweshell)

Below is a rough first example that will escalate from a standard User to Administrator to SYSTEM user and open a command prompt but still needs a some user interaction.
Downloadable from here http://www.sizterthing.com/misc/batchescalate/SystemCMD.bat

The following is to just get the ball rolling...

@echo off

REM Changing working folder back to current directory
CD %~dp0
REM Folder changed

REM goto passadmin

:: Get ADMIN Privs
mkdir "%windir%\BatchGotAdmin"
if '%errorlevel%' == '0' (
rmdir "%windir%\BatchGotAdmin" & goto gotAdmin
) else ( goto UACPrompt )

echo Set UAC = CreateObject^("Shell.Application"^) > "%temp%\getadmin.vbs"
echo UAC.ShellExecute %0, "", "", "runas", 1 >> "%temp%\getadmin.vbs"

exit /B

if exist "%temp%\getadmin.vbs" ( del "%temp%\getadmin.vbs" )
pushd "%CD%"
CD /D "%~dp0"
:: End Get ADMIN Privs


echo.Please wait...
sc create systemcmd binpath= "cmd /k cmd.exe /k whoami" type= own type= interact

echo.To continue...
echo. Wait for flashing icon to eventually show on task bar.
echo. Click on flashing icon on task bar.
echo. Then click on "View the message"
echo.Please read above...

sc start systemcmd

echo. removing service.
echo. please wait...

sc delete systemcmd

rem pause
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014
7:00 pm
random post
this is a random post!
Sunday, August 25th, 2013
6:45 pm
Adding a simple GUI menu to a MS Windows batch file
Here is an example I made of a simple utility that demonstrates adding a custom layout dialogue window with both a button and a drop down menu using simply a ".bat" file.

The real purpose of the script is to remove the administrator password from Kaspersky Lab security software.
If you wish to actually use this script in a real life situation to remove a password, you need to reboot your PC into safe mode for it to successfully remove a Kaspersky Labs security password.
Working example here http://ares.webcity.com.au/~siz47881/misc/kaspbats/PassOFF_UNI.bat

Click here to view scriptCollapse )
Monday, August 12th, 2013
11:21 pm
Kaspersky Labs home product offline activation
Many have had difficulty since Kaspersky Labs had decided to phase out offline activation methods of their software on Microsoft Windows operating systems, so it somehow just dawned on me today as to how to do it. So I wrote a tutorial...

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Sunday, January 13th, 2013
9:41 am
Ubuntu application drop down menu
just posted here so I can find it again.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:diesch/testing
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install classicmenu-indicator

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, December 4th, 2012
11:35 pm
Starting to play around a bit with alternative TLD's
I am very open to suggestion of interest on this as I'm looking for idea's, I have only just started playing with usefull Alternative DNS Roots yesterday and reading up on the different ones.

I'm trying to use a DNS configuration that will make use of two Alternative top level domain roots. I'm taking advantage of how OpenNIC and Cesidian root tap into other DNS roots as well as the standard ICANN DNS root (The default DNS system on the internet for those not in the know). I found that the Cesidian root is very unstable in Australia but they are set up to connect to connections in 3rd, 4th and 5th worlds countries and I found it best to list one of it's DNS servers before an OpenNIC DNS server to give it a little advantage. Though more than one will slow down viewing OpenNIC pages too much for whatever reason (I guess because it fails half the time and goes to the next DNS address in the list). I found no noticable loss in speed on OpenNIC DNS servers if stick just one most reliable Cesidian DNS server address before your group of OpenNIC DNS addresses and then any additional Cesidian addresses after your group of OpenNIC DNS addresses. Cesidian servers are able to resolve some OpenNIC addresses anyway but not all (eg. they won't resolve .pirate addresses).

Here is my /etc/resolv.conf file and am very open to suggestions to add other TLD's...

# Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8)

# Cesidian root DNS

# OpenNIC root DNS
nameserver 2600:3c00::02:f053

# Cesidian root DNS
domain cesidio.net
nameserver 2001:470:1f0a:2b4::2

# optusnet DNS server
# google DNS server
nameserver 2001:4860:4860::8888

search home.gateway

-------------------------END OF FILE -------------------------------

So I should now be able to view web pages on at least the following domains plus all the usual default top level ICANN domains on the internet (otherwise I would not be able to view livejournal right now obviously)...

.bbs .bzh .dyn .free .fur .geek .gopher .indy .ing .micro .null .opennic.glue .oss .parody .pirate .2sc .5wc .africa .amomu .amore .ant .atla .atoll .bank .baron .bct .beasley .blah .boho .bu .bucksfan .bucrafan .c4 .cesidio .christ .core .crt .ct .cuseeme .cw .devel .dewa .develop .df .dnscloset .eurolinc .free .god .hack .hosted .ili .island .islands .ispsp .ita .italiana .italiano .kb .kellner .ko .ku .lad .linna .lowtek .malta .midnightconsulting .mosimos .nations .nsk .oca .pd .pic .pirates .pj .pnt .pnu .po .pp .red .reef .reu .rm .root .roti .satan .savoia .science .sea .seeit .sel .seo .smith .sos .src .state .stc .ta .tabarnak .tallini .tdj .te .ti .tlds .ttf .tx .ucann2 .ucs .um .ummoa .university .uu .vall .vl .vt .wa .wacht .wild .wl .wsa
.xn--fiqs8s -- (Chinese TLD in Punycode form standing for .中国 or .china)
.xn--55qx5d -- (Chinese TLD in Punycode form standing for .公司 or .com)
.xn--io0a7i -- (Chinese TLD in Punycode form standing for .网络 or .net)
.xn--55qw42g -- (Chinese TLD in Punycode form standing for .公益 or .org)
.xn--zfr164b -- (Chinese TLD in Punycode form standing for .政务 or .gov)
.xn--vf4b131b -- (Korean TLD in Punycode form standing for .회사 or .com)
.xn--zv4b74y -- (Korean TLD in Punycode form standing for .통신 or .net)
.xn--zb0bnw -- (Korean TLD in Punycode form standing for .기관 or .org)
.xn--g2b9a1a -- (Hindi TLD in Punycode form standing for .वाण or .com)
.xn--81b8b9a9c -- (Hindi TLD in Punycode form standing for .जाल् or .net)
.xn--i1b6b7e -- (Hindi TLD in Punycode form standing for .संग or .org)
.xn--qlc9a5a -- (Tamil TLD in Punycode form standing for .வணி or .com)
.xn--uscn1bv9bh3h -- (Kannada TLD in Punycode form standing for .ವಾಣಿಜ್ಯ or .com)
.xn--usc8b9a -- (Kannada TLD in Punycode form standing for .ಜಾಲ or .net)
.xn--3rc8e2bb9h -- (Kannada TLD in Punycode form standing for .ಸಂಸ್ಧ or .org)
.xn--p1ag -- (Russian TLD in Punycode form standing for .ру or .ru)
.xn--j1aef -- (Russian TLD in Punycode form standing for .ком or .com)
.xn--e1apq -- (Russian TLD in Punycode form standing for .нет or .net)
.xn--c1avg -- (Russian TLD in Punycode form standing for .орг or .org)
.xn--e1ay -- (Bulgarian TLD in Punycode form standing for .ес)
.xn--h1akdx -- (Bulgarian TLD in Punycode form standing for .инфо or .info)
.xn--u1aaa -- (Bulgarian TLD in Punycode form standing for .ххх)
.xn--borbn-3ta -- (Spanish TLD in Punycode form standing for .borbón)
.xn--90ae -- (Bulgarian TLD in Punycode form standing for .бг)
Sunday, September 9th, 2012
9:01 am
Restart MS Windows in Safe Mode with batch file
The problem with forcing "Safe Mode" through "msconfig" is that if the "Safe Mode" settings are missing or corrupted then the computer ends up in an endless reboot cycle without the chance to boot into Windows normaly. Thus forcing the computer into "Safe Mode" is best avoided if you can still otherwise get into Window in Normal Mode and edit the boot manager.

So I made a batch script that does the work of adding a Safe Mode option to the boot manager. It may also help those with various wireless keyboards that otherwise cannot be used to get into Safe Mode.

I hope it helps some. I've tested it with Windows 7 and Windows XP. It is designed to remove it's settings afterwards.

You do need to turn off any security software because it may suspect my work is a trojan even though it is clearly not.

Here is a pre-made version... http://ares.webcity.com.au/~siz47881/misc/kaspbats/SafeMode/SafeModeBoot.bat

and here is the script...

Click here to see batch fileCollapse )
Monday, August 6th, 2012
10:27 pm
correcting blue skin tones when streaming flash video with Ubuntu
There has been on ongoing issues with Adobe Flash plugins and NVidia cards for a little while now.
I had actually become acustomed to light coloured skin humans and other creatures of a similar pigment on this planet appearing blue in streaming flash video's such as on youtube.com.
Adobe are well aware of this and have no intention of fixing for now as because they find it hard to reproduce. Working in an IT support environment myself, I know what that is like.

But, still, Every video I have watched via a web browser in recent months has involved a lot of blue coloured humans. Not that i have any racial issue with blue coloured people, but it had become blatantly obvious that these people were not really blue and the representation of colours appearing on my screen was not entirely compatible with the colour spectrum of my human eyeballs.

So, here is how I fixed it on my Ubuntu box running Firefox. for now anyway...

Open up xterm (or any other bash shell of your choosing)
sudo into the root user with the typical command (without the # symbol):
# sudo su
enter your password
add an additional PPA repository with this command:
# add-apt-repository ppa:mjuhasz/backports
update your package database with the usual command:
# apt-get update
add this patched plugin with this command:
# apt-get install libvdpau1
now locate the firefox.sh file. I found it in /usr/lib/firefox:
# cd /usr/lib/firefox
then use your favourite text editor to edit the file, in my case:
# gedit firefox.sh
then find the line "export MOZ_APP_LAUNCHER" and create a new line under it.
type in: export VDPAU_TRACE=1
Then 'Save' the file.
now restart firefox (or your whole computer if you like)
then give something like youtube.com a go and notice that the blue humans are not so blue anymore.

The PPA library you just added may contain updates to things you may not want, just a word of warning, you may decide to remove the additional repository as it contains modified libraries and in this case a file patched according to NVidia's instructions to work your way around the blue tint problem.

To remove the PPA library, you would type this...
# add-apt-repository --remove ppa:mjuhasz/backports
Friday, May 4th, 2012
11:23 am
Nothing new to post about since March. Life just always seems busy with nothing exciting to talk about. I'm ignoring calling people back at the moment and switched the phone off for a moment to myself. I've been making promises of getting things done and well, I've been getting home from works and dropping to sleep really early. I need to do work from home too, I am months behind on that and my contract is up for review at the end of next month so I need to find the energy. So many broken promises on my behalf, nothing new there I guess.
Monday, March 26th, 2012
7:36 pm
Had barrel loads of fun at the birthday party on Saturday amongst smiling familiar faces. There was make shift mini golf challenges with pine cones and a broom stick. Spontaneous guitar playing and singing, lots of the usual eating and the traditional drinking of booze. And the constant loud murmuring of a crowd of people chatting throughout the night which I hope didn't annoy the neighbours too much as I didn't tell them I was having a party, but the music was not up too loud, it didn't need to be. Everyone gathered outside as there was more room out there than in the house so thankfully the weather was reasonably good because many resorted to sitting on the grass after a while as the night went on as I the slope of the hill is very convenient for sitting on. Most had started to clear off by around 5 and those few that eventually remained soon move inside. The few who stuck around well into the next day after a good snooze watched videos into late Sunday evening on the projector screen to which I joined in when the damn hang over died down eventually. But alas it all came to an end until next time.
Sunday, December 11th, 2011
12:45 am
It's the hugest buzz ever when anyone asks if they can cover one of your songs.
Tuesday, November 29th, 2011
8:26 pm
Windows file selector dialog box for batch files

Example on how to open a standard Windblowz file selector dialog using native tools from within a bat file. It opens a file selector, and then opens the selected file in notepad.exe. It's heavily dependant on piping out it's own vbscript into a temp folder, it's %100 script kiddy friendly and written to be slotted straight into single stand alone batch file and tweaked to it's requirements...

@Echo Off

:: Example Windows batch script file script that opens a Windows file selector.
:: The selected file is opened in notepad.
:: Written by Justin Godden 2011

SET fileselector="%TEMP%\j_fileselect.vbs"

> "%fileselector%" ECHO option explicit
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO Function BrowseForFile()
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO Dim shell : Set shell = CreateObject(^"WScript.Shell^")
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO Dim fso : Set fso = CreateObject(^"Scripting.FileSystemObject^")
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO Dim tempFolder : Set tempFolder = fso.GetSpecialFolder(2)
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO Dim tempName : tempName = fso.GetTempName()
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO Dim tempFile : Set tempFile = tempFolder.CreateTextFile(tempName ^& ^".hta^")
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO tempFile.Write _
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO ^"^<html^>^" ^& _
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO ^" ^<head^>^" ^& _
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO ^" ^<title^>Browse^</title>^" ^& _
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO ^" ^</head^>^" ^& _
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO ^" ^<body^>^" ^& _
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO ^" ^<input type='file' id='f'^>^" ^& _
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO ^" ^<script type='text/javascript'^>^" ^& _
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO ^" var f = document.getElementById('f');^" ^& _
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO ^" f.click();^" ^& _
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO ^" var shell = new ActiveXObject('WScript.Shell');^" ^& _
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO ^" shell.RegWrite('HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Volatile Environment\\MsgResp', f.value);^" ^& _
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO ^" window.close();^" ^& _
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO ^" ^</script^>^" ^& _
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO ^" ^</body^>^" ^& _
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO ^"^</html^>^"
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO tempFile.Close
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO shell.Run tempFolder ^& ^"\^" ^& tempName ^& ^".hta^", 1, True
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO BrowseForFile = shell.RegRead(^"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Volatile Environment\MsgResp^")
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO shell.RegDelete ^"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Volatile Environment\MsgResp^"
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO End Function
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO Dim testit
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO testit = BrowseForFile
>> "%fileselector%" ECHO WScript.StdOut.Write(testit)

FOR /F "tokens=*" %%R IN ('cscript //NoLogo "%fileselector%"') DO SET name=%%R

echo Opening %name% in notepad.exe
notepad %name%


Monday, November 21st, 2011
8:06 pm
Video blog - Sunday 20th November 2011 1am
Video Blog - Sunday 20th November 2011 1am
I have not really done propper video blogs before. Well I sorta have but never bothered actually posting them because it's too spontanious and possibly waffling crap I know i will regret later, if you don't like something you said, you have to either edit it out or do it all again. Not as easy as just retyping a line in a text blog. Especially when dealing with dodgy file formats in differant cheap cameras that do not always play nicely in different film editors and players. Thats why the picture is all screwed in this one. I could not be bothered working out how to fix it as was getting ready for work and nearly missed the bus. I intend on doing more and get better at it...
Monday, October 31st, 2011
6:17 am
Another little pointless MS Windblowz batch file tutorial.

I wrote this some time ago, but popping it here to share the link on a forum. It's basically an example of how to embed vbscript into batch files to create embeded customized DOS functions. This example just simply creates an unzip function for Windows batch files. No rocket science here obviously. Seems to be alot of people actually don't know how to do this so here is the answer. It's just as easy to write a little script to zip up a file/folder this way too. So here is an example...

Include the script below at the start of the batch file to create the function, and then to call the function, the command is...
cscript //B j_unzip.vbs zip_file_name_goes_here.zip

Here is the script to add to the top...

REM Changing working folder back to current directory for Vista & 7 compatibility
CD %~dp0
REM Folder changed

REM This script upzip's files...

> j_unzip.vbs ECHO '
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO ' UnZip a file script
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO '
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO ' By Justin Godden 2010
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO '
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO ' It's a mess, I know!!!
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO '
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO.
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO ' Dim ArgObj, var1, var2
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO Set ArgObj = WScript.Arguments
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO.
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO If (Wscript.Arguments.Count ^> 0) Then
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO. var1 = ArgObj(0)
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO Else
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO. var1 = ""
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO End if
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO.
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO If var1 = "" then
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO. strFileZIP = "example.zip"
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO Else
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO. strFileZIP = var1
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO End if
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO.
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO 'The location of the zip file.
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO REM Set WshShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO REM CurDir = WshShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%%cd%%")
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO Dim sCurPath
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO sCurPath = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject").GetAbsolutePathName(".")
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO strZipFile = sCurPath ^& "\" ^& strFileZIP
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO 'The folder the contents should be extracted to.
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO outFolder = sCurPath ^& "\"
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO.
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO. WScript.Echo ( "Extracting file " ^& strFileZIP)
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO.
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO Set objShell = CreateObject( "Shell.Application" )
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO Set objSource = objShell.NameSpace(strZipFile).Items()
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO Set objTarget = objShell.NameSpace(outFolder)
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO intOptions = 256
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO objTarget.CopyHere objSource, intOptions
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO.
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO. WScrip.Echo ( "Extracted." )
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO.
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO ' This bit is for testing purposes
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO REM Dim MyVar
>> j_unzip.vbs ECHO REM MyVar = MsgBox ( strZipFile, 65, "MsgBox Example"
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